Friday, December 28, 2007

Hot dog buns

Made these buns on Wednesday for our next morning breakfast and lunch! These are my kids' all time favourite. Think most kids love hot dog buns, though I would steer clear most of the time. :) I used a combination of chicken hot dog and some german sausages bought from ntuc.

I follow the recipe from "Bread Magic" except that I used a frozen sweet bun dough which I'd kneaded and kept in the freezer for close to 2 weeks. Well, after searching in the web I discovered that you can actually freeze the dough. The dough will rise in the fridge. And as it thaws, it will go through its first rise.

Sometimes, I just feel a bit lazy to let the mixer knead the dough everyday. So I would just double the quantity of the recipe. However, if you consider all the washing and clearing, this is one way of killing one bird with two stones. Haha! Lazy lazy me!

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  1. wow you are amazing!!! i would love to know how to make this as my sister adores hot dog buns!!
    i stumbled upon this by accident but the pictures look delicious!!!