Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Black Sesame Seeds Sausage Bread

My "Black Sesame Seeds Sausage Bread"!!

This recipe was taken from "Bread Magic". I think something wrong with the recipe!
Instead of sprinkle "some" black sesame after 2nd proving, the recipe indicated adding "100g"black sesame together with 50g butter during the kneading process! So end up my dough became a "Bao Kong" face - black like a charcoal :( Another problem: with the 100g sesame seeds, the weight of the dough exceeded the 8 portions of 60g each...

"Bao Kong" face

One thing to note though is that this recipe called for "icing sugar". May be I'm new in baking, for most of the recipes I came across called for caster sugar. Icing sugar in bread baking is very new to me... However, it didn't affect the taste. The bread remained soft the next day.
Because of the 100g black sesame seeds, the bread was on a bit of crunchy side. I used a mixture of chicken hot dogs with some german sausages. These sausages are tasty unlike those pre-packed ones which are loaded with sodium...:-(

The next time I make ,I'll just omit the 100g sesame and just sprinkle some on top before I do the rest of the topping. :)

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