Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My first homemade pizza

Made this very first pizza last thursday as our dinner. Follow exactly the recipe from Happy home Baking.

The dough was fairly easy to work with. It double in size in less than an hour (thanks to the good sunny weather outside!)

As I don't have a pizza tray, I lined my long baking tray with parchment paper(?). I divided the dough into 3 parts: 1 large and 2 medium.

I topped my pizza with tomato sauce, some hams, button mushrooms, some mixed vegetables, morzarella cheese and some minced parsley.

Though the pizzas'appearance wasn't that pleasing :(, the four of us nearly finish the 3 pizza with 2 small leftover :). Judging from the eating from my younger son, ws, the pizza was really good. Haha! Though my husband remarked that not enough cheese topping ... OK, next time I'll know what to do..
Think that I lined the wrong paper? Gosh! The pizzas were sticked to the papers and we literally had to tear the papers and the base away....! what a pity! and the crunchy base were the best part of the pizza....... :(

So, is parchment paper the same as greaseproof paper? Anyone out there can tell me please?


  1. Ok, from the look of the paper you's not the kind of baking/parchment paper that has got a 'waxy' feel to it. I used to use the same kind of paper as yours(more like tracing paper, or to absorb oil for deep fried stuff)...and my cookies would stick onto the paper! From then on, I used GLAD baking paper, or a cheaper brand, Lacy's Chefbake non-stick paper (available from carrefour), or baking paper from Phoon Huat. Hope this helps :)

  2. Hi! Happy homebaker,

    Thank you so much for dropping by and gave your valuable tips :)

    Like your bakes and your details notes very much... :)