Sunday, December 9, 2007

Tips for the Novice Cook

The following are extracted from "Female Cookbook Vol 13":

  1. Cut one lemon in half and rub inside the bowl where you mean to beat the egg whites. As well as removing any eventual remains of grease, the lemon's acidity makes the whites stiffen better.
  2. When cooking cucumber soup, include a touch of fresh mint with the seasoning. It is delicious.
  3. It is very convenient to keep always at hand some butter seasoned with herbs. The basic recipe is simple: 120g unsalted butter (at room temp)combined with grated lemon rind and a 2 tbs of finely chopped parsley, chives or spring onion.
  4. Season boiled veg with herb butter. Potatoes, beans, peas acquire a new taste.
  5. Herb butter is also delicious added to vegetable soup.
  6. Instead of using plain butter or margarine, rub herb butter all over a chicken before roasting.
  7. For preparing chicken, ham, roast beef sandwiches, spread on the bread herb butter.
  8. For decorating open sandwiches, try putting some herb butter making pretty designs on the surface with a confectioner's beak.
  9. Always verify the seasoning of soups and sauces when adding cream, since it tends to soften most of the flavours.
  10. Add some strained peach halves to your roast chicken/beef. Place the fruit in the pan during the last minutes of cooking.
  11. Put some peeled apples to bake together with your leg of pork and you will have them ready to make apple sauce. be continued


  1. Hi,

    Welcome to food blogging! Thanks for adding me to your blog and for your great tips. :) Look forward to your posts!

  2. Hi! Aimei,

    Thanks for dropping by! :) Will try your "Ming Jiang Kueh" one of this day as this is one of my family's favourite.:) BTW, notice you use the same oven as mine! :)