Friday, January 4, 2008

Banana Cake

Had been very busy for the past few days as my eldest son just started his primary school education. I basically ran up an down: sending him to school, went to the school again to observe the buddy system and fetching him home. Very tiring :(

He's in the afternoon session. For the first 3 days: all P1 students begin their lessons at 2.00 pm and end at 5.00 pm; during their recess, parents are allowed in the school to observe the buddy system. The buddy system works in such a way whereby all P1 students are paired with a P2 student during the recess to help them to buy food, showing them around, and "stick" to them at all times! Luckily, my boy's buddy was very responsible, according to my observation :)

Trying to clear my leftover bananas in my fridge and decided to bake a banana cake. After browsing my recipes file, I decided to use this recipe from here as I have all the ingredients on hand. Furthermore, it uses fresh milk instead of my normal bake using yogurt. Another good reason is: just whisk and stir, no need to use mixer :)

However, I added more mashed bananas than required (abt 375 gm total: including slices on top). I also add a teaspoon of vanilla powder as I simply love the smell of vanilla in my cake :)

My husband and sons love it! My eldest son even asked,"Mummy, can I bring this on Monday as my snack?" ;) I believe adding the "extras" mashed bananas help! The cake is moist and the sweetness is just right.

The next time I want to make banana cake this will be the recipe I'll turn to! :)

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  1. Hi, my younger boy is in P1 too! I did the running up and down on day 1 only, it was so tiring! Luckily, he was quite "steady" so I let him on his own for the next two days!
    This banana cake is a winner! I will certainly add in more banana the next time I tried it!