Sunday, January 6, 2008

My first cookies

My very first cookies in my whole life! I'm not a cookie lover, but my family members are, especially my husband. These cookies are my "trial" preparation for our chinese new year ;)

After blog hopping here and there, decided to use this recipe from Florence-Do what I like. Was very sure my husband will like the feeling of "melt in your mouth" :) True enough, he liked it except that..... the coarse peanut was not crunchy enough!!! :( Next time round, I'll just omit this ingredient.

As it was my first time baking cookies, I didn't find it easy to use the bottlecap method. I simply round it and flatten them a bit, that's why they are of different shapes! haha ;)

Wonder why the cookies cracked like that? Was it consider overbaked? Was it the oven temp? or the oil wasn't enough? How to make them uniform shapes ? :(

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