Monday, February 11, 2008

My CNY cookies

The following cookies were what I baked for Chinese New Year. I was crazy to attempt a few types of cookies and making a few batches EACH for my sisters, my mum, my in-law and myself! It was extremely tiring.... :( but very fun though, :) Luckily, all the cookies were very well-received by them. :)

These "Heart shape" almond cookies were made specially for my in-law who is diabetic. She had specially requested for no sugar. However, thinking that no sugar may taste bland, I added some sugar. Turn out that these "heart-shape" batch of almond cookies tasted the best! Think because of lesser sugar bring out the almond flavour even better. Next time, may consider using this method. :)

Flower-shape Almond cookies

Peanut Cookies: These peanut cookies were very well-received. Recipes taken from here.

Green peas cookies: Another well-received cookies :))

Here wishing everybody: GONG XI FA CAI! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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  1. Will greatly appreciate if you can share the recipe for the diabetic almond cookies?