Friday, March 21, 2008

Almost a perfect square!

I've not achieved a perfect loaf for quite some times :( My last successful attempt was in November last year! Today's loaf was almost a perfect loaf if not for the side... I did a bad job in unmolding the loaf and in the process deformed the side..... :(

This is a coffee nut bread recipe taken from <曾美子教你第一次做面包>. Since I did not have any walnuts on hand, I just omitted it. Although coffee powder was added, it didn't have an intense coffee flavour. Guess my coffee powder wasn't good enough.. :(

Since this book is more for novice baker, the basic fermentation she explained is quite tedious! I just used my normal method of kneading and proofing. However, I noticed that she used some warm water to speed up or maintain the temperature. I find it very useful and it does help my 2nd proofing tremendously. This is how I do: Place your shaped dough in a warm/enclosed place with a bowl of warm water. Check your dough every 15-30 mins to see whether any rising and change the warm water once it turns cold.

When I sliced the bread, I noticed that the bread was real soft and cottony! May be that's why the side was difficult to unmold?!

Recipe as follows:
Ingredients A:
Bread flour 300g
Castor sugar 45g
Yeast 3.6g (I use 4g)
Water 150cc (I use fresh milk)
Egg 45g (I use 1 whole egg)
Ingredients B:
Salt 4.5g
Instant coffee powder 9g
milk powder 9g
Ingredient C:
Unsalted butter 45g
Ingredient D:
Walnuts 90g ( I omitted this)
Method: (I use my own method)
1. Combine ingredients A &B into a mixer to form a dough. Add ingredient C till smooth and elastic.
2. Remove dough. Shape into round and leave it in a big bowl cover with a piece of damp cloth/clingwrap. Leave to proof in a warm place for 50 to 60 mins till double in size. (Temperature: 28 deg C to 30 deg C)
3. Once double in size, punch out the air. Divide into 2 portions. Shape into balls. Rest the dough for 15 mins before shaping.
4. Flatten each piece and roll up tightly into a swiss roll style. Place the rolls into a greased tin. Cover with clingwrap/damp cloth and let it proof for 60 mins in a warm place till it reach 90% of the tin (temperature: 36 deg C to 38 deg C, humidity: 85%) {Mine took 1 hour 15 mins}
5. Bake in a preheated oven at 200 deg C for 30-35 mins.
6. Remove the bread from the tin. Cool well on a wire rack before slicing.


  1. i'm loving your blog!! (:

    really envy bakers who make good bread! i tried twice but both failed, yielding really dense and rubbery bread.. :/

  2. What a nice loaf you have got here :))
    I like the books from this authoer...very good for beginners like me :) I have yet to get hold of this book on bread making though.

  3. Hi jiaying!
    Thanks for visiting my blog :) Guess you've to keep practicing :)

    Hi HHB!
    I bought this book from Popular bookshop. Think is a very new book cos' first published in Sep 2007.
    BTW, this loaf still remain soft today. A keeper! Will post recipe once I finish translating! ;)

  4. I tried your bread recipe last night and it turns out perfect.

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful bread recipes.


  5. Hi TLG!

    Glad to hear your bread turned out perfect! :)