Friday, March 28, 2008

Char Siew Buns

Finally, I'd made my first savoury "char siew buns" with homemade char siew yesterday. Char siew, be it bun or bao, is my husband's favourite. My kids love it too, but not me!

I use a "sweet buns" recipe from Happy Home Baker, char siew fillings from Aunty Yochana, and char siew from Lily Wai Sek Hong.

This sweet buns recipe is a keeper! The texture of the bread was very soft. However, my husband commented that the fillings were too sweet and he preferred the char siew to be in bigger chunks...!! He also noted that the buns aged and not as soft as it was baked yesterday........ :( What a fussy eater!!

Nonetheless, my kids love it :)


  1. *drool* very nice buns~ :D u make really nice breads too! love the unique shape of yr cheese loaf. beautiful! ^^


  2. I noticed that the sweet buns that I made always tend to age once I left overnite :( The problem is, for homemade breads we don't use any preservatives, as such homemade breads are always best eaten fresh.

  3. Hi, Amanda!
    Thank you for your compliment! :)My fussy eaters at home are the ones who constantly give feedback. Guess credits should go to them. :)

    Hi, Happy homebaker,
    I'm not that "sensitive" as my the other half when comes to food. In fact I find your sweet buns very good and soft. :)

    When I asked my the other half to compare your sweet buns recipe to my usual sweet buns, he requested for another savoury bun so that he can compare. ;)