Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Chicken,mushroom & sausage kebab

Our lunch today, chicken,mushroom & sausage in terriyaki sauce. Since I didn't have the sauce, I made do with a terriyaki marinade in my fridge. Also taken from the same bento cookbook. Quite a number of delicious dishes in this book.

100g boneless chicken - (I use more)
(cut into 1" cube)

4 chinese mushrooms - (I use more)
(soaked & halved)

4 cocktail chicken sausage - (I use Apple cheese & more)

2 tbs terriyaki sauce - (I use terriyaki marinade)

1 tbs oil - (adjust according to quantity)



1. Combine chicken pcs, sausages and mushrooms with terriyaki sauce. Marinade for 20 mins or more.

2. Heat oil in a non-stick frying pan. Add marinated chicken, mushrooms & sausages and cook till lightly browned.

3. Arrange on skewers, makes 4 skewers in total.

Serve with warm cook rice. I believe you can serve on its own without the rice.

My kids love the apple cheese sausages only (I think).

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