Thursday, March 13, 2008

Coffee Yogurt Cashew Nuts Cake

Made this cake specially for my elder son's birthday yesterday. Recipe was taken from Happy Home Baker. I use a loose bottom cake pan to bake this cake.

Though this was fairly an easy cake, my cake looked a bit over baked! :(

As the cake was baking in the oven, I busy myself with other things. When I tried to take a look at my oven later on, to my horror, smoke was circulating in the oven! Panic! I opened the oven and noticed some liquid flowing on my oven floor! (I seldom put my dripping pan under the rack.) Swiftly, I wiped the liquid away. From then on, my oven became hay wired... my top grilling elements lighted up!!....gosh! I could smell some "burnt" coffee!! The rest of the time I'd no choice but to open the oven door frequently...... :( and the cake was obviously brown as compared to Happy Home Baker and Small Small Baker.

Overall, this is a good cake (but fattening! can't make often :) ) though my husband find it on the sweet side. Well, next time I just have to reduce the sugar (brown or caster sugar?)

Looking at how my sons ate their cakes, I knew they enjoyed the cake very well... crumbles on the table, chairs and floor.....! My little son, a picky eater, finished all the crumbles first before eating the cake layer !


  1. Hi, your yogurt cake looks great!

    I have been quietly reading your blog for quite a while and I must say u are really good at making breads. Hope to see more nice bakes from u. :)

  2. Hi,Small Small Baker!

    Thank you for your compliment:) I'm still learning how to make better breads. I like your japanese cheesecake (my kids' favourite!) Will try out one of this day :)