Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Cream Cheese Loaf

A number of bloggers out there gave thumb-up for this bread. Better than the "Hokkaido Milk Loaf!? Wow! so die die must try :) I also find the "Hokkaido Milk Loaf" has a VERY strong milk taste not to my liking! Anyway, I'd also experiment using non-diary whipping cream to achieve the same softness as the famous "Hokkaido Milk Loaf " minus the strong milky smell. :))

Back to this topic "Cream Cheese Loaf". Recipe was taken from Pure Enjoyment. Indeed, the texture of the bread is extremely soft and cottony! I had to be very gentle when I sliced the loaf. After slicing, I get my two little testers to try with their favourite spread, peanut butter, as their night snack! (Very lucky hor! got freshly made bread everyday!) They like the softness of the bread!

I baked it into a loaf pan which I haven't used for quite sometime. Should have just flattened and rolled into one long strip instead of dividing them into two (keep thinking I'm using a pullman's tin!) So you see, my loaf ended with one big or one small! :((

Despite the look, this bread is definitely a keeper! :)

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