Sunday, March 2, 2008

Home grown Spring onion

These red onions were spotted sprouting in my kitchen's onion basket. I decided to give a go to plant them in a flower pot. My two sons, who have been very eager to offer their service every night to help me water all my plants, were delighted to see the spring onions sprouting beautifully a few days later! :)

This morning my younger boy, who saw me trimming the spring onion off the pot, was puzzled why I did that. I told him that I would be using them to make buns. To excite them a bit, I suggest that I would spare a few more onions for them to plant in the same pot again. They were very pleased to hear that and quickly get into action. :)) Let see whether the new batch will sprout again soon or not. I may use them to fried with eggs! Ha!

Anyway, the thought of making "Spring onions buns" only occurred this morning when my husband remarked that he would like to eat this bun. Why not, after all, the spring onions sprouted in the pot are all ready waiting eagerly to be eaten!

I use the same recipe from my previous post Spring Onion Buns. This time round the buns are really special cos' they are home grown. And I believe they'll taste sweeter!

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