Thursday, March 6, 2008

Homemade Pizza II

Pizza for dinner tonight. This is my second attempt at making a pizza from scratch. This time round with the correct baking sheet my pizza turn out so much better:)

With the gloomy weather for the past few days, I was very doubtful that the dough would rise within the 1-1.5 hours time. So in order to make it for dinner tonight (which is around 6-6.30 pm), I prepare earlier. I started kneading around 1.30 pm and the dough was sent for proofing by 2.00 pm. I constantly peeked at the proofing dough to check the rising. I was a little surprised that it did rise within the one hour stipulated time....just like my first attempt.

I use the same recipe from My first homemade pizza. I divide the dough into two. This time round I use a sandwich tin and a baking tray. I thought a round sandwich tin would yield pretty well like a store-bought pizza. However, this round pizza turned out to be a little thicker than the elongated one. Hmm.... next time, I will just roll out into round and bake it on a tray.

Overall, my family loved it very much. My eldest son who just came back from school gobbled up three pieces at one go! Getting to be a big eater now:)), but still so slim:(

Here's a close-up of my pizza:

Seems like my kids love this kind of thick crust pizza. May try out the thin crust next round. Oh yah, my little son complained about the pineapple chunks. He doesn't like pineapple!


  1. Hi, I am planning to make pizza for dinner for this coming week too! Since it's the school holidays. My kids love pineapples, and they will pick up all the pineapples and safe them for the last! I read that to get a thinner crust, dont leave the dough for second proof after you have added the filling...just send it to the oven right away, and the dough will not puff up too much. I have yet to try this method dough. and my kids like thick crust too, but I prefer thin ones!

  2. Hi,HHB!

    Thanks for your tips! Will try your suggested method next time round. :)

  3. I love pineapple! In fact my fav pizza is Hawaiian! I only tried making pizza with bread-base before. A quick fix for me.

    I came from Baking Cottage. You have a nice blog.

  4. Hi Tigerfish,

    Thanks for dropping by! You've a nice blog too. :)

  5. MMM!
    Looks very delicious!
    Feel like having pizza now :)

  6. This pizza looks really tasty with so much cheese on top. It makes me hungry.... :P