Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My Tangzhong (汤种)面包 - Spring Onion Buns

I made it! My most successful 汤种面包 (water-roux method) so far ! :)

Using the water-roux starter which I prepared yesterday, I made a batch of these buns. Looking at the smooth and satin second rising (shaped dough), my heart leaped with joy! I knew that my buns would be perfect today! Finally all that trying and guessing....

Here are the close-up of the bread texture:

So soft and fluffy....

I think my last few attempts failed (2nd rising) lies in the temperature.... must be 38 deg C. And I also think must follow the author's procedure/method to the T, then you can achieve this soft and fluffy stage, including when to add ingredients (dry & wet) and butter.

The following was the first batch of 汤种面包 which I made yesterday (using Florence's recipe: bread loaf). I'd included some pandan paste into my loaf. But unfortunately it didn't rise to the brim :( but the bread texture is the same... soft and fluffy... My husband said GOOD! (Wow! he rarely used the word "good" to my bakes... only "not bad"!)

My tiny loaf (think dough surface a bit dry that's why the cracked!?)

BTW, this bread remained soft and fluffy even today:) My sons simply loved it :)

Recipe source: <香葱面包 > “65度C 汤种面包” by Yvonne C.

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