Thursday, March 13, 2008

My experiment: “65度C 汤种面包”Tangzhong Mian Bao

Last week, I went to a local library to return my books. I was lucky to borrow quite a few interesting cooking books and this is one of them, “65度C 汤种面包"by Yvonne C.

My family takes bread almost everyday. And I'm constantly in search of breads that stay soft and fluffy for at least 2 days. Coincidently, when I bloghopped to Florence's blog a few days back, I discovered that she was baking this “65度C 汤种面包" with great success.:) She also gave a detail explanation with pictures on how to prepare this 65度C 汤种. Armed with this valuable informations, I tried my experiments yesterday and today.

Pic A: 1 of 3 - This loaf was made on 12-3-2008.

Pic A: 2 of 3 - Close-up

Pic A: 3 of 3 - Texture of the bread

From the above pictures, you can tell my experiments were not very successful. My shaped doughs didn't rise properly as a result my breads are "tiny". Strange and puzzle: why it didn't rise even in the hot oven? One suspect: humidity. With the past few days raining non-stop, the humidity level is different? Don't know whether other bloggers out there encounter such problem? Or was it my 汤种 giving me problem?

Thinking that the kneading was not enough, I made another loaf today (using another recipe). Same problem: dough raised very well initially, thereafter, rising was slow or stagnant?? and it practically didn't rise in the oven!?

Overall, this 汤种 really made a difference to our normal bake. One bite and you know the difference :) My husband who is very particular about food texture, nod his head and said "Nice"! Will try again once the weather is good.


  1. Hi, I have borrowed the same book too, was put off by the 'complicate' method of the 汤种, as I dont have a thermometer...and I am really bad with anything that has got to do with the stove! You can also refer to this blogger's posting on her 汤种 bread...her's look so so good (
    You have inspired me to try this out too :D

  2. Hi, HHB!

    The 汤种 breads look so soft n lovely in her book! Actually, you've to try cooking the 汤种, it's rather simple if you follow Florence's blog. You got to try it first otherwise you won't know,right? I didn't use thermometer either! ;)

    From the book "65度C 汤种面包"by Yvonne C, she used: 500g water and 100g bread flour.

    From Florence's blog, she used 250ml water and 50g bread flour.(this may yield abt 300g of 汤种, which is quite substantial, and you've to use it within 3 days!)

    To minimize the leftover 汤种, I may further reduce Florence's 汤种 the next time I try it.

    Hope to see your 汤种 bread soon! :)

  3. I will certainly try this 汤种 bread one of these days...for the time being, I still got to try out this yoghurt loaf, some buttermilk muffins, an orange chiffon, and I still have yet to try make egg tarts for my boy. There are so many things to try, and the list just grow and grow and grow ;)

  4. Hi MyHomeKitchen,
    You have found someone who faced the same problem in using the Water Roux and not having the bread rise! I faced the exact problem as you. Florene has given me the recipe to use for wholemeal bread, but it just didn't rise! I was quite disappointed. I also don't know what had gone wrong. :(

  5. Hi passionate about baking!

    I think the problems are: temperature and humidity.

    For 2nd proofing, your temperature needs to be 38 deg C. As I don't have any instant thermometer, I placed my shaped dough in an enclosed place and put a bowl of WARM water beside to create some "heat" and "humidity". This greatly helps in my another attempt to make "tangzhong buns" (refer my

    Hope this is helpful to you :)

  6. Thanks myhomekitchen.
    I did exactly that when I did my final proofing. I learnt that from my baking school. But the results was not ideal. I still wonder why. Was it because of my mixing? Thanks for your time. :)

  7. Hi MyHomeKitchen,
    I came here yesterday and through your link above, visited Florence's blog. You two are fantastic, I learned a lot from you and spent half day yesterday reading Florence's blog.
    However, today, when i am about to make a desert that Florence posted, I got the message that says "This blog is open to invited readers only" :(
    I can no longer read any of her blogs.
    Wonder if you can contact Florence to invite me so i can learn from her.

    My email address is cnsal321 AT

    I am really desperate, this seems to be the last resort, hope you can help me out.

    Really appreciate your help.