Sunday, April 20, 2008

Chilled Vitagen Yogurt Cake

This is my first time making a cake for my sister. Recipe was taken from a "sleeping" blog over here,

To share an 8"cake with ten over peoples is way too miserable for them. So I made two quantities. One using an 8" loose bottom pan and the other using an 8" cake pan lined with foil. The latter's appearance didn't look nice after tearing off the side. As I have no confident to decorate the cake, I simply serve without any decoration.

Anyway, the cakes were very well-received by my sisters, brothers, nephews, niece and my two little sons. Most of them asked for second serving! :) My 2nd sister requested me to make some more next time! :))


  1. Hi, I have tried this cake too! It was very well received by my friends. Yours look very nice!

    Before I bought my loose bottom pan, I always use my normal pan to make chilled cake. After removing the foil...the sides didn't look I warm a palette knife (with hot water), and swipe it all around the helps to smooth it out a little. Sometimes I will use other ingredients to 'cover' the sides to hid the not so nice appearance ;)

  2. Hi, Happy Homebaker!

    Thanks so much for your tips! :)