Sunday, April 20, 2008

Fried Chinese Buns 生煎包

Two days ago, I attempted a 生煎包 from here.

Unlike our usual steamed buns, these are fried in a wok which result in a soft top and crispy bottom. (My husband's favourite). However, if you do not have a good non-stick wok, my advice is don't attempt! This was a real test for my anodized non-stick wok. The result: my buns were all stucked in the wok! I'd difficulty in removing the buns . After drizzling some oil to the sides of the wok and much wrestling with my metal turner/spatula, I managed to remove all the buns without tearing and destroying the bottom! Gosh!


1. For cabbage: do not add salt to remove the water content otherwise your cabbage will be soft and tasteless.

2. For fillings: quite bland, cabbage not sweet. Add more salt or other seasoning to add more flavour. (Puzzling why the original blogger said it was good? Cabbage where got crunch after sweating out the water content??)

3. Texture of the bun is not bad. Hmm.... make me thinking of steaming them up instead of frying.

4. Plaiting: My plaiting sucks! Can't see the plaits! Needs plenty of practice.

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  1. Hi! I've been following your blog for some time and its really fun to see all the wonderful food you make! :D

    Was wondering if you could translate the recipe for me if its not too troublesome cause I cant read chinese, but am really keen in trying this interesting recipe!!