Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Hokkaido Milk Loaf

Ever since I bought a pack of non-diary whipped cream, I'm trying to use it fast before it past its expiry date. But what other ways to use it besides for frosting? Since I failed my sponge cake sometimes ago, I couldn't think of other ways to use it... :(

The famous "Hokkaido Milk Loaf" is one of my favourite bread. The texture of this bread is really soft.... However, I do not quite like the strong milky taste.

Now, with my experiment, I am pleased that from now on I can use this cream (non-diary cream) to make the famous Hokkaido milk loaf (minus the strong milky taste).

Although this loaf is not appealling in look, you'll be surprised that it's equally soft and cottony, and the best thing is it's very tasty! Much better than the original version, in my opinion. Be very careful when you slice the bread, it's soft as cotton!

Original recipe is from Angie's Recipes. I scaled down to half and scale up 1.5 times. This time I used a loaf pan (that's why scale up 1.5 times, otherwise half recipe is too small for loaf pan). It was a breeze to remove the loaf. For your info, this dough is rather sticky initially. You've to knead for 30 mins (I gave another 2 mins) to achieve the smoothness and elasticity finally.

Next round, I'll adjust the quantity to achieve a better appearance.

Verdict: Very nice, soft, and tasty too!

Seems like this cream is not very healthy too..... contain hydrogenation...... just like our favourite "Skippy Peanut Butter" spread! Sigh! :(


  1. Hokkaido milk loaf is one of my fav loaf! <3 agree on the slicing part! :X ohh, u can use whip cream to make icecream! i did it once and was pretty happy with it. :P will be a hit among kids, and u can control the sweetness level and make it a healthier treat by adding nuts and fruits~ :)


  2. Hi Amanda,
    Thanks for dropping by! :) You mean the non-diary whip cream can make ice-cream? Pardon my ignorance! :)) Pity I don't have an ice-cream maker leh!

  3. Hi you do not need an ice cream maker. Smallsmallbaker has some very good ice cream recipe that does not require ice cream maker. It uses the non diary whipping cream too. I tried it and it's very nice, but the sugar level is too much for me so i will reduce it next time. If you do not have a sweet tooth, it's better to reduce it too. :)


  4. Hi, Cindy!

    Thank you for your info! :)