Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Milk Loaf

Notice the creamy colour bread? That's because I used the "Gold Medal Harvest King" bread flour. Managed to get a pack from one of the ntuc by luck! And it was the one and only one pack left on the shelf! So, grab and go! Tried other ntuc outlets sometimes later, but couldn't locate any. By the way, if you are buying, please note the expiry date. Notice one pack "All-purpose" flour with expiry date dated Jan 08 at one of the outlet!!!!!!

This is one of the good loaf you should try: no egg, less butter and less sugar (45g). It is equally good as compared to my breakfast toast. Recipe from here.

Made this on Monday and it remained soft and moist till today. Another good milk toast to add to my list of bread loaves! :)

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