Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Plaited Loaf

After seeing Happy Homebaker's very inviting and interesting pretty marble bread, I decided to give my very first try on plaited loaf. Afterall, I had all the ingredients on hand.

It was quite easy to manage the doughs after the first fermentation except the plain dough which was quite sticky (strange!) Well, I just lightly floured the sticky dough each time I rolled it and thereafter the dough wasn't that sticky.

Since it was my very first time to plait a dough, I was rather excited. Luckily, all went well though I think my plaiting was not very neat. I tucked both ends of the dough and put it in my pullman's tin. Just then, I remembered I forgot to pinch and seal the dough tightly..... oops! How? Forget it! I don't have the heart to take it out and "disfigure" my dough! I cover the lid and let it proof for 60 minutes or until the dough reach 90% of the height of the tin.

I don't encounter the plain dough tearing apart as what Happy Homebaker said. But about 30 minutes into 2nd proofing, I open the lid and noticed the centre part of the dough rises way ahead of the sides. Afraid that the sides may not rise as high as the centre, I stick to the 60 minutes proofing. Once the proofing was over, I quickly sent for baking, praying hard that I don't get a weird mountain range after baking.

No matter how well-greased the lid, I find that my bread always stick to the lid. This was what happened to my otherwise perfect loaf!

I was pleasantly surprised that the dough raised so well! Truly amazing a plaited loaf put into a tin can come out as a perfect square! Wow!

This is a bottom-up shot.

I always have problem unmolding the sides! See the ugly side! :(

Overall this loaf is not bad: soft and light, very appealing to young kids :)


  1. Hi, the book which I have taken this recipe from, mentioned that if you have problem sliding the lid, it means that the bread is not ready...leave it in the oven to continue to bake...but the problem is, it didnt say to bake for how long! guess you will have to check every few mins.

    I too had problem unmolding the sides...I read that it's because of the residue left from previous baking...but I did soak and scrub the pan before using, and very well oiled, and yet some part still get stuck to the pan. The first loaf I made with the tin, simply drop off from the pan.

  2. Hi, HHB!

    Thanks so much for the tips! An interesting loaf to try again! :)