Thursday, May 8, 2008

Tuna & Ham Buns

Made this as our breakfast.

This recipe is quite interesting: the flattened dough was first filled with ham, roll up swiss roll style, fold up one end to the other and cut up from the centre, after that pull out the cut side. With the cut side up, the dough was sent for final proofing. Thereafter, glazed with egg wash and filled the centre with tuna mayonnaise.

Of course my "gongfu" for shaping dough was not up to standard as compared to the two expert baker lah!

Once the buns were out from the oven, I tried piping some tomato sauce on top. Look more appetizing with the tomato sauce, right?

My three testers at home gave thumb-up for these buns. :)

Original recipe yields 19 pieces. (I half the quantity which yield 9 pcs, just nice for the four of us.)

Bread flour 500g
Caster sugar 80g
Salt 6g
Dry yeast 10g (I used instant yeast)
butter 30g
Egg 50g
Water 250g

Filling A
: Ham, glazed egg wash

Filling B:
Tuna 100g [I use 1 whole can of tuna flake (in water)]
Celery 20g (I omitted)
Mayonnaise 40g
Onion 20g
Black pepper 3g

Note: I find that the quantity given for filling B is too little. So I made more or "agar agar". I'm sure you can use store bought one if you think is too much work to make your own tuna mayo. I like to try making my own as I find that store-bought one tends to have more mayo.:(

I use my normal kneading method as the basic dough kneading method in the book is quite long!


1. Use your basic kneading process.
2. Once dough double, punch out the gas, divide into 50g each.
3. Round them up to form a ball. Rest for 5 mins. (I let them rest for 10-15 mins)
4. Flatten the shaped dough and place a piece of ham on top.
5. Roll up swiss roll style. Fold up one end to the other.
6. Using a cutter, cut the centre of the fold up dough.
7. Open up the cut dough with the cut side up.
8. Send for proofing. (about 45 mins to 1 hour)
9. After proofing, glaze with egg wash and spread a layer of tuna mayonnaise on top.
10. Baked in a preheated oven @ 200 deg C for about 15 mins.
11. Once out of the oven, piped some tomato sauce on top.

One thing I like about this book is: most of the recipes are shown step-by-step. It even showed the length & width of the shaped dough before and after proofing. For example this tuna ham buns, before the 2nd proofing, the length is about 8cm, the width is about 6 cm. After proofing, the length is about 10cm with the width 8 cm. This allows me to gauge whether my shaped dough is proofing correctly or not.

Recipe source <简易家庭面包制作> by 王志雄/游纯雄.

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