Sunday, June 1, 2008

Homemade Chwee Kueh (水粿)

This is one of the many chinese snacks I like, Chwee Kueh. Made of rice flour and part of corn flour. The texture of this snack should be soft and "Q". Most important part of this snack is the topping: preserved raddish. The raddish must be crunchy! The soft & Q chwee kueh with the crunchiness of raddish make this snack taste heavenly.

Recipe is taken from Fenying's Blog. But I'm very puzzled why the recipe called for the preserved raddish (菜脯) to be cooked in 500g of water till tender!?

However, I did not follow her method of cooking the 菜脯. Being born as a hakka, I know how this 菜脯 should be cooked. Afterall, 菜脯 is one of our dish in 擂茶. :)

By the way, I bought the 菜脯 in strips and chopped them into small pieces before frying them. Find that those ready-minced type does not have the crunch and bites. If you intend to buy, choose those that are "sweet". I can assure you your 菜脯 will taste delicious. This 菜脯 can also fry with eggs and goes very well with your plain porridge.

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