Friday, June 20, 2008

Oreo Butter Cake

Read with interest and enthusiasm that this cake received rave reviews from several bloggers: soft, light & moist. This is the kind of cake my family likes. (Original recipe from Angie-My Kitchen:My Laboratory)

Decided to make this since Oreo biscuit is one of my husband's favourite. My two kids love it too. As for me, I try to stay clear from biscuits and cookies because they are too "heaty" to me. :(

The wonderful aroma from this cake was simply delicious. My little son who was playing with his elder brother came running to me: "Mummy, what smells so good?"
While waiting for the cake to cool, he told his elder brother how he wished he could have 3 big cakes to himself!! :D
From the way my two kids ate the cake, I know they love the cake (or the biscuit?). Both of them finished the cake first and slowly enjoyed the biscuit topping!!!
It could be that my skill in beating the butter & sugar (to creamy stage), I felt that it wasn't that moist (though my husband thought otherwise). Its just soft & nice to me.


  1. Your cake looks good to me :)
    I have tried this cake sometime back! It's really yummy and my kids and my husband love oreos too. I shall make this when I next stock up on oreos :)

  2. Your cake looks delicious!
    No longer the old dilemma of whether to have cake or biscuits!

  3. Hi
    May i know what brand you buy for your oven? The color of the food look good.

  4. I'm using a 28 litres "Rowenta" oven.

  5. thank you for sharing. i know it has two type in the market place, may i know with the convention or without the convention. sorry to ask again.

  6. I think you have to check it out at courts, best denki or harvey norman. Sorry!

  7. Hi,
    I had tried this recipe too and thought it was a bit dry. I guessed more butter/or liquid is needed to make it more perfect.

    Queen butter