Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Milo Chocolate chips & rice Muffins

Get "xian" eating bread everyday.... :(

I'm not a muffin lover. But I'm gradually liking it. They are so much easy and straight forward to bake than breads! Had tried store bought muffins but sad to say they are either too dry or too oily to me!!

Searched through my files and found this muffin recipe from Happy Home Baker. She has a wide collection of muffin recipes worth trying. :)

Decided to try her "Milo Double chocolate chips Muffins" as I needed to use up my chocolate chips. Since I didn't have any white chocolate chips on hand and my leftover dark chocolate chips were only about 70g, I topped up the remaining balance using chocolate rice. So total chocolate I used was about 160g! I used a fairly big paper cups and my muffins were quite huge! I couldn't finish one whole piece!

This milo muffins turned out very nice: soft and moist, very chocolaty (may be because of the chocolate rice, I think.) My family members like it very much. The three of them can't resist chocolate!

Thank you Happy Home Baker for all your wonderful bakes! :)


  1. Like you I'm not a huge muffin fan but these look lovely! What is Milo?

  2. Hi, the caked crusader!

    Milo is a milk beverage with chocolate and malt. You can read more on "milo" from this site: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milo_(drink)

    Thanks for dropping by.

  3. I think they look really yummy! I have never had milo before, but I keep seeing it pop up all over the food blogging world! I am going to have to try it some day. I hear it is a bit like ovaltine - which I love!