Friday, August 15, 2008

Snow Skin Mooncake 冰皮月饼

My first homemade snow skin mooncake in my life! Think snow skin mooncake is more manageable for a beginner like me.

I got all the necessary ingredients like, "Kao fen", shortening and the lotus paste plus the plunger from Sun Lik on Monday. After running through all the mooncake recipes files, decided to use Amanda's recipe. Her recipe is much simpler and like me, that was her first mooncake! :)

Well, unlike her who made her own lotus paste, I bought a ready pack. No regret! the paste is very good! Not too sweet to my liking. :) However, the paste is not cheap! $13.00 per kg! The shop won't sell half kilo to you! :(

Thinking that I might fail in my trial today, I attempted half the recipe (make 5 pcs). The plunger is a breeze to use. I finished the 5 pcs in no time (less than half hour?). A pity that the plunger only got 1 plate! How nice to have a few to interchange......

Guess I'm too generous with the melon seeds.

By the way, you need to roast the melon seeds . For me, I fried the melon seeds in my wok. Easier for me.

Understand that for snow skin mooncake, you need to make it fast and chill immediately otherwise the skin will harden!?
As for the mooncake, it tastes super soft after chilling. The softness of the skin and the crunch from the melon seeds is simply delicious! My two kids love it very much. :)

Going to make another batch later so that my mum & sisters can taste tomorrow.

Oh yes, before I forgot, I added half teaspoon of banana essence into my snow skin. It actually blends well and enhance the whole mooncake.


  1. Congrats on your successful attempt to make the snowskin mooncake! I expect more exciting flavours mooncakes from u soon. :)

  2. Hi, small small baker!

    Thanks for dropping by:) Hopeful can try other flavours....

  3. I have a fascination for moon cakes, but am yet to eat one! Yours look stunning - I am so jealous

  4. You make me want to try making my own snow skin mooncake! I always thought that the skin is very difficult to make :)

  5. Hi,the caked crusader!

    Don't be jealous! Try it one of these days! :)

    Hi, HHB!

    Try it! It's worth every effort, though you need sometimes to perfect the thickness/thinness you want! :)