Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

My first homemade mooncakes gifts to my mum, mother-in-law and of course, some for myself :)

Fresh out from the oven:

I used a wooden mould for this "White Lotus mooncake". The knocking was quite fun: left, right, top and bottom. The most difficult part was dislodging! Look at the sides... need more practice to perfect it! :(

This plastic plunger mould was a breeze to use. Press and it came out very nicely. This one with "Green Tea lotus" fillings.

This one with salted egg yolk. My kids didn't like it! So did I! :D My husband felt that the yolk was a bit dry and not fragrant enough! (may be I didn't soak with sesame oil long enough or I over-baked...)

My snowskin "Green Tea Lotus" mooncakes also as gifts. Quite pretty right? My elder boy loves this very much!

Looks pretty but need lots of practice to perfect the skin... some thin, some thick...!

My mum was very pleased with the baked mooncake. I was pleasantly surprised when she gave a thumb-up for my bakes! Needless to say, I was really HAPPY!
Thank you Aunty Yochana and Amanda for the wonderful recipes! All the mooncakes were very well-received! :)


  1. Happy Mid Autumn to you and your family too! =) hee~ Your traditional mooncakes looks really good! i always wanted to try but afraid to, as it seems harder than snow skin.


  2. Wow, your mooncakes are very pretty! I like your baked ones :)
    My kids don't like mooncakes with salted egg yolks too! When I was young, my siblings and I would be drooling if there were any mooncakes that came with a single yolk!

  3. Hi, amanda!
    The baked one is quite similar to snowskin except that you've to rest the dough at least 1 hour (2 hrs better than 1 hour!) Then bake for 10 mins, take out, cool a bit, and rebake again. Quite "麻烦" but well-worth the effort. Try next year. I'm sure you can do better!

    Hi, HHB!
    Mooncake with egg yolk was a luxury to me when I was a kid. But too bad, with 6 siblings, how to share? :(

  4. Your mooncakes look really good. Doesn't look like you are first time making them. Happy Mid Autumn! :)

  5. Hi MH, you are better off than me ok! I got to share with my other 7 siblings ;)
    btw, where did you get the molds? Yours look very pretty :)

  6. Wow you're tough on yourself! These look simply stunning and absolutely perfect to me.
    Mooncakes are so pretty.

  7. HI,

    Thumbs up....Well done.

    I'm happy too...


  8. Dear ladies,
    Thank you for your kind words! :)

    happy home baker,

    I got my wooden mould from Sun Lik @ $22.50.
    For the plastic mould I got from Phoon Huat @ $7.00. They have smaller one selling @ $6.00. Think is a new design in Singapore. You can actually set the height of the mould (high or low. Hope the info are helpful. :)

  9. Hi,
    Ur bake mooncakes look nice. So brown. May i ask how u achieve it?
    Do u brush all sides wirh egg glaze too?
    Can share how u make the egg glaza?
    Egg yolk + water, egg white + white? thks

  10. hi chezzyheart,

    I just brush the top with egg glaze. no need to glaze the sides.

    1 egg yolk + 1/2 egg white.


  11. Hi,chezzyheart!

    Thank you for your compliment:)

    Yes, I brush the sides too. For egg glazing, I use: 1 egg yolk + half egg white + a drop egg yolk colouring.

    Hope these info are useful to you.

  12. Hi,

    Do we use rubbing method for the flour n shortening ? If so is it rub like breadcrumbs ?

    Thanks & regards

  13. Hi,

    Your mooncake motivated me to do some this year,
    afew questions where did you buy the lotus paste and green tea lotus paste ?

    And also do we need to steam the salted egg york.


  14. Hi Anonymous!
    Pls leave your name next time as I would like to know who I'm "talking" to. Another reason, too many people use "anonymous"!

    For snow skin, yes, rub shortening into the flour mixture. Gradually mix in cold water till a "Soft dough" is formed. HTH.

    Hi Ling!
    I got my pastes from “广祥泰” at Aljunied. For salted egg yolk, you have to bake it not steam leh. Rub the yolk with sesame oil/wine; bake at 180 deg C for about 5 minutes. Wow! so fast prepare for mid-autumn festival? :D

  15. Hi.

    I'm Ling too, I typed too fast so didnt leave my name sorry...
    Ok thanks for your detailed explaination. Every year I wanted to do but never cos no confidence lor so this year I'm planning abit early so that I can practice...


  16. Hi MH

    Chanced upon your blog as i am actually searching for the address of Guang Xiang Tai shop @ Aljunied. Wonder if u still hv their address or can guide me how to go there? btw your mooncakes looks so nice! the flowery prints i really love it. too bad i did not get any of these nice ones this year. btw, i tried to post my comments as LJ but it did not accept.

    Thanks & Regards .. Serene

  17. Hi Serene!

    The address as follows:
    Kwong Cheong Thye Pte Ltd
    61-63 Lor 27 Geylang off Sims Avenue
    Tel: 67480128
    Nearest MRT: Aljunied station (It's just behind a row of coffeeshop).