Wednesday, December 10, 2008

大牌档菜, 好好吃!

These were a few dishes that I whipped out for dinners recently. I don't remember whipping out several dishes from just one cook book! Gosh! all the recipes I tried out were very good and well-received by my family. :)

Take this "kai lan" for example. I rarely buy this vegetable because of its "greeny" taste, if you know what I mean (青涩味). However, this chef used a mixture of salty preserved olive (橄榄菜) and minced meat to bring out the crunch and sweetness of "kai lan". The "greeny" taste was reduced to the minimum. Splendid!

I was initially quite sceptic whether my kids would eat this. But after seeing them enjoying the dish (吃的津津有味) I was very delighted. :)
The next dish was "Fried Minced Meat & Tofu with Salted Fish".

Tofu and salted fish are best match (绝配): one plain and one strong taste. Fry it with minced meat, smell and taste heavenly! My kids requested me to cook this again! :)
I still have a few "tofu" recipes to try out from this book!
I cooked this "Steamed Herbal Chicken" yesterday for our dinner.

Using simple ingredients: dang gui, qi zi, salt and shaoxing wine (I used cooking wine). Very tasty & sweet! Must use "sweet" dang gui otherwise it will taste bitter.
Original recipe used six chicken wings. Since my kids didn't know how to eat the wings, I use one whole junior chicken. (Sorry! the picture above showed the leftover chicken pieces). However, my younger boy still haven't acquired the taste of "qi zi". He prefers the gravy than the chicken!
All recipes can be found at 好好吃!大牌档菜 作者:郭子仁
Now, I can Cook Like A Chef! Oops! :)


  1. Hi MH,

    May I know where can I get this book 好好吃!大牌档菜 作者:郭子仁?


  2. Hi Joyce!

    This book is available at Popular bookstore.

  3. Wow.. everything look great!!!! I love the "Steamed Herbal Chicken" :)

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  6. That looks like an excellent and healthy meal!

  7. Hi Nate-n-Annie,
    Thank you for dropping by. Your dishes look awesome too! :)

  8. Hi MH, I love your Steamed Herbal Chicken dish! Your cooking skill is so good! You certainly cook like a chef!

  9. Hi HHB!
    Thank you for your compliment! I'm sure you can do better too! :)

  10. Looks delicious.

    Happy Holidays!

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  11. Wow! The colours of your stir fry are so vibrant and healthy!

  12. I'm going to try this now and see what the wife thinks to my cooking skills! I will report back ;)