Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Steam Hakka "Ki Ban"

This is a hakka snack. For our hakka clan, we call this "Ki Ban". "Ki"- means "rise" and "Ban" means "kueh". So this is something like a "Huat Kueh" or "Fatt Koh". Some bakeries do sell this, but is labelled as "Ang Bao". However, it is not available most of the time.

For hakka, we usually buy this to pray to our ancestors. So last week I volunteered to make this for my mum for her praying during the "Qing Ming Jie". All went well except the colour.

Everything was done at my mum's place, except the dough starter. She had the rose pink powder form which I wasn't used to. As I hand kneaded the dough, the powder was not fully dissolved and as a result, we added more powder ... :( When I open the wok, I see RED instead of pink! Anyway, my mum was happy to see that the "Ki Ban" did "Rise"! For older generation, due to superstitious, if the "Ki Ban" never "Rise", it symbolises not bad luck but "BAD OMEN"!

I made another batch yesterday at my home. With the convenient of a mixer, the dough was ready in a very short time. This time I used the liquid rose pink, mixed together with the water before adding to the dough. And I was able to get the pink that I want. :) but not the shape! :( The whole process was very straight forward but I found it was not easy to round up into a pretty shape. Recipe over Aunty Yochana. Hers is so much prettier and smoother too.

Sponge dough (@ 9.40 pm): after mixing, very sticky

The next morning (@ 8.30 am): after proofing overnight

After mixing the sponge dough with the main dough (@ 9 am)

After 1 hour (@ 10 am), the dough expanded.

This was how the dough looked like, after 4 hours of proofing (@ 1 pm).

Shaped dough waiting for steaming. (Next time must remember not to apply too much oil on the dough.)

Finally, the steamed "Ki Ban".

The texture of "Ki Ban" - Soft & chewy.

This batch was specially made for my father's death anniversary tomorrow! I'd never made anything for him in my life.... I hope he likes it! 老爸,这是女儿亲手做的,献给您。。。


  1. I've never try this before, thanks for sharing the recipe...your "Ki Ban" looks great...

  2. Hi TinTin!
    Thanks for your kind words! :)

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  4. I'm not sure what the colour should be, but I think they look utterly beautiful!

  5. I love all of your recipes I have to try to make the ki ban

  6. hi there, i came here via your flickr! ah i think "see pan" and hakka ki ban are the same now that i read your post :) my grandma added in some pandan flavoured shredded coconut instead here as well. pure deliciousness!!

  7. thank u so much for the pictures and the time u noted down for us. i find it very helpful cos it helps me estimate my time to do things. since i dun hv colouring i used freshly squeezed pandan water, so its green 0_0 dont know if that works

    i dont quite understand the instructions though in auntie yochana's blog. do i only make the sponge dough A at night and leave the B for the mixing process the next day or do i make both doughs separately at night then mix both doughs together? because i just finish making both doughs separately then notice i might do it wrongly.. :( will it affect the results?

    if possible pls reply asap. thank u so much..