Thursday, June 25, 2009

Maple Syrup Chiffon Cake

Last Sunday was Father's Day. I celebrated this occasion by baking a simple chiffon cake. Looking through my posts, I noticed that it had been almost a year since I last baked it, last September to be exact! Like other bloggers, I also hold much fear when baking a chiffon.... the beating of egg whites and the folding part.

Days before the bake, I went through this trusted video website 周老師的美食教室 for a better picture of the making of chiffon cake. The videos have 3 parts: Part 1-preparation & beating of egg yolks; Part 2-beating of egg whites; Part 3-folding of egg whites to egg yolks.

I think the videos are very good & informative to me. See, my chiffon cake didn't collapse after inverting. But, I wonder why there were so many air pockets on the cake itself? I did bang the cake pan several times before sending it to the oven for baking. Or, could it be the baking powder I used? This time round I used "Double-acting baking powder" as stated in the recipe by "孟老师的一百道小旦糕".

Nonetheless, the cake was soft and fluffy and a bit moist, but not as moist as my Green Tea Chiffon Cake. Taste wise, the cake had a slight tinge of maple syrup but not overpowering (which was good). My family loved it very much. My husband had a few slices, which was very rare! :) You must be wondering why my cake had no frosting? Well, my husband does not like any "make-up" ! :D

Wonder also why can't I unmold it beautifully like other bloggers such as Happy Home Baker. I like her perfectly "look alike pork floss" chiffon cake! Well, guess practice make perfect!