Thursday, August 13, 2009

Homemade Burger Bun (Water-roux)

I think I get addicted to this "water-roux" method of making buns for now. :)

I made a batch of Sweet bun dough yesterday by doubling the quantity of the recipe. First, I prepare a bigger quantity of "water-roux": 50g bread flour + 250g water (yield about 265g water-roux). So, I took half of the "sweet bun" to make this burger bun. I put the rest of the dough (after first proofing)in the fridge for my next day use. :) There is some balance of the "water-roux" enough for another sweet bun, if I remember correctly. Hmm... what fillings should I use next?

Somehow, I find making sweet buns using "water-roux" is a breeze, what I mean is the proofing time. Slightly longer than "straight dough" method, about 40 minutes or more during the final proofing.

This was how the texture of the bun looks like: very soft and fluffy! 软绵绵的,好吃极了! :D

The basic sweet bun recipe as follows:

(This recipe yields: 9 pieces at 60g each)

Ingredients A:
Bread flour 210g
Cake flour 56g
Milk powder 20g
Caster Sugar 42g
Salt 1/2 tsp
Instant yeast 6g

Ingredients B:
Egg 30g
Water 85g
Water-roux 84g

Ingredient C:
Unsalted butter 22g


1. Knead dough till smooth and elastic.
2. Basic fermentation: about 40 minutes
3. Divide dough into 9 equal parts. Each weigh 60g.
4. Form each dough into a ball. Rest for 10 minutes. (Room temperature)
5. Final proofing: about 40 minutes (temperature: 38 deg C, humidity 85%) **
6. Bake in a preheated oven at 180 deg C for about 15 minutes.

** Unlike my bread loaf, I let it rise naturally in a warm place, without the use of hot water.

I couldn't tell you how's the texture looks like tomorrow as these two buns were my lunch today! :D

Recipe adapted from: 65 度C汤种面包 by 陈郁芬Homemade Burger Buns (Water -Roux)


  1. Hi, I think I've been addicted on "water roux' method of making buns too! It's super soft and tasty. Your burger are nicely baked!Good job!

  2. Now I understand what is water-roux. The buns really look soft like cotton....yummy!

  3. Hi, it looks very yummy, just like store bought.Do you need to go thro the window pane test, until now I still couldnt figure out whenever I make bread whether mine is over or underknead the dough, bec every time when I stretch a piece of dough, it will break easily.

  4. How come you make it look so easy? haha.. I've never made bread, so what's the difference, water roux and no water roux?

  5. I have to try this method! The texture looks amazing!

  6. Dear MH,
    Great job! I admire you for picking up your baking skills just by following recipes from books!

    I have always wanted to try the water roux method...the only thing that puts me off is, there is this need to make a bigger qty, and them the specific recipe will only require a portion of it (u know what I mean?). Ok, ok, I give up after reading your post, I will certainly try it...but only after I convinced myself to get a digital scale, I am using a diet scale and it can only read up to 10g.
    In the mean time, I will make do with your cyber-bread ;)
    just to let u know, I have yet to get the tray for steaming buns!!! Lazy me!

  7. Hi, Grace! Thanks for your kind words! :)

    Hi, Anncoo! Thanks for visiting! Yes, it's very soft & yummy! :)

    Hi, Anonymous (Sem)! If the dough breaks easily that means the dough is underknead. Knead and throw the dough on your working surface a few times in between kneading to improve the dough structure, as suggested by Seadragon of Corner Cafe. Hop over to his/her site to have a better understanding of water-roux and dough kneading:

    Hi tracie!
    Homemade bread usually age very fast, i.e. the texture of the bread gets "dry" the very next day. So some homemakers and bakeries use bread softener (a chemical) to extend the "shell life" of their bread. Too much of this chemical is bad for health.

    For a better understanding of water-roux, please refer to Seadragon of Corner Cafe and Florence of Do what I like: ,

    Hi, pigpigscorner!
    Do try it. You'll definitely love it! :)

    Hi HHB,
    I know exactly what you mean!:D You can try using this proportion: 25g bread flour + 125g water, yield about 120g water-roux. A little wastage is sometimes unavoidable....

    I bought my "Tanita" digital scale at GSS last year at quite an attractive price, cheaper than what Phoon Huat is selling! Hope you can get your digital scale and steaming tray real soon! Can't wait to see your baos leh! ;)

  8. This looks amazing. Ill see if i can get my wife to make it.. otherwise ill be getting my own hands dirty.

    great article!

  9. hi MH, thanks for drop by. I totally agreed with you, making bun with "water roux" is the best method to make your buns and bread soft! :-)

  10. Hi MH,
    Thanks for dropping me a line and your kind words. I would like to try "water-roux" method too. I love this hamburger bun you shared, so my next bun project would be a "water-roux" method...I think I will be addicted to it too after reading your post :))))

    Thanks for sharing :)

  11. Hi,MH,
    This is first time i drop into your blog. Very nice blog, Will keep to visit you.

  12. Dear MH,

    I've just passed an award on to you. Feel free to come and pick it up over on my blog if you'd like to though:

    Where have you been lately? I really miss your posts hahahaha ...! Are you going to come back soon? ='(

    Cheers from Malaysia!


  13. This is my 1st time to your blog, and I will come more often, as I like your blog of sharing home cooking and baking, same as me..

  14. Hi first time here. Like your blog, will be back for more recipes. :):)

  15. Hi, I am a newbie in bread and buns making. I've been using this method for both bread and buns for 2 weeks. They turned out to be real soft and fluffy. Can I use superfine cake flour instead of normal cake flour for the above recipe?
    JJ of Malaysia

  16. Hi JJ!

    I'm afraid I'm not an expert when it comes to flour substitution... :( You may have to try it out yourself...

  17. Nice, I'm trying this right now. The water roux sounds fascinating. Thanks!

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