Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My First Traditional 小发糕

So happy when I open my wok! Should have stick to the 12 hour fermentation.  But impatience me, I steam it at the 11th hour. But看起来挺不错!


My first 发糕 using an old fashion/traditional method - making starter dough from scratch instead of using baking powder. 

Basically one need to some cold white rice + wine yeast + some sugar; mixed them in a container; cover and let it ferment for 3 days.(You need patience...)

As I used some leftover rice which had been in the fridge for a few days (which was drier),my starter took a longer time to ferment. (though I could smell the distinctive 酒味). Therefore, I sprayed some water over the rice starter, gave it a quick stir and let it continued to ferment.

                         This was how the starter looked like:

You need patience again! 

Once the starter is ready, mix it with rice flour + sugar syrup; strain and cover. Let it ferment for 12 hour.

The end result:

Half smiling half refuse to smile...  Think should have steam all at once...

My first time also to use "Eno fruit salt" in this recipe.  My the other half comments: Not bad! :)

Next round should use the correct paper cups and use the right mould...Then may be it would bloom much prettier.

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