Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Red Yeast Rice Ang ku kueh 红曲米花生红龟粿

Red Yeast Rice Ang ku kueh 红曲米花生红龟粿

My maiden attempt: Peanut  'Ang Ku kueh' using natural colour, red yeast rice. 红曲米花生红龟粿

Made these kueh for my mum's birthday celebration in advance on 23 August 2015.

With the help of my 2 teenage boys,  I managed to complete them in time.  Was very glad that they stayed soft n moist hours later.  The imprint was distinct too!  :D

The whole recipe (from dough skin, colouring and peanuts fillings) comes from 3 different links, of which peanuts fillings from Kenneth Goh with some adjustments to suit our family taste buds.

First of all the dough skin.  The secret ingredient comes from one of our common pantry item - our humble potato!  Potatoes do wonder not only in this kueh by making it soft and moist,  but also in bread making!

Dough recipe is taken from here:  Jane's corner

Colouring idea from here: Peng's Kitchen

Peanuts fillings from here: Kenneth Goh/ Guai Shu Shu

Dough Recipe [with slight adjustment]

Yield abt 13 pcs ( Abt 60g per piece - Ratio dough to fillings- 1 : 1 )

Ingredients A
170g glutinous rice flour
1T sugar
Pinch of salt (not in original recipe)

Ingredient B
120g Mashed Potatoes (I used my chopper to mash till smooth)

Ingredient C
50g - 60g hot water (I used the water from cooking potatoes)
15g red yeast rice ( grind into powder or use red yeast rice in powder)

In a bowl, add the red yeast powder + hot water from the cooking potatoes. Mixed thoroughly and pass through a fine sieve. Measure out the  required water. If not enough, add some more water. If  the water has cooled down, warm up it up. This will be your ingredient C to be mixed with the flour mixture.

Ingredient D
2T Cooking oil

Method (I'm using my stand mixer)
1. Mixed Ingredients A thoroughly.
2.  Add mashed potatoes (ingredient B) and red yeast water (Ingredient C)
3. Mix thoroughly to form a dough follow by adding the cooking oil (ingredient D). Knead till it form a soft dough.
4.  Divide dough into equal size, wrap in your preferred fillings.
5. Press into your mould and knock it out carefully.
6.  Place the kueh on a piece of lightly greased banana leaf and steam for 7 minutes over medium heat.
7. I lightly greased the kueh only after it has completely cool down.

You may need more or less water for the dough. Pls adjust accordingly.
The final dough should be soft and not sticky. If stickly pls add some glutinous rice flour. A little bit sticky is fine.

Peanuts fillings (adapted from Kenneth Goh)

300 grams coarse peanut (粗花生碎)
120 grams of coarse sugar (粗糖)
20 grams of roasted sesame seeds (芝麻)
50 grams of plain water (白开水)
10 grams of peanut oil or other cooking oil (花生油)
2 tablespoons of plain flour (普通面粉)

1.  Blend your coarse sugar a few second, if they are too coarse.

2.  Blend the coarse peanuts to powder form. You may take out some to slightly blend to maintain some crunchy bite.

3.  Pour all the peanuts powder to a large mixing bowl. Add the coarse sugar, roasted sesame seeds and flour. Mix thoroughly.

4. Add in the water and peanut oil. Stir or use your hand to mix thoroughly to form a firm dough.

5. Form into equal balls. Set aside.

Am using coarse sugar as we like the texture of biting the unmelted sugar while munching 😀. It is so yummy!  At the same time, we are also trying to replica the texture of a particular ang ku kueh we tried before with a firm grounded peanut in the centre.