Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Wholemeal Soya Loaf Naturally leavened ~ 天然酵母 全麦豆渣吐司

Everyday bread with a twist from 王传仁老师经典 ~庞多米吐司 ~ Pain De Mie

Made a twist to my regular loaf by using part wholemeal and some soya bean residues.  Outcome was fantastic and I think can 拉丝 also judging from the thin 光泽 :D 

Can you see the shinning part? 光泽?   :D

Forgive me, I'd tightened the bottom part too much, resulting in a thick layer below.  :(


250g bread flour
30g    Wholemeal flour
20g    Soy beans residue

30g    caster sugar

15g    Milk Powder

3g       Salt

170g  Natural yeast

150g  Iced cold water

34g     unsalted butter

1.  Knead dough till window pane stage.
2.  1st proofing - till double in size.Took  1h 30 min
3.  Punch and divide into 3 equal size. Cover and 1st bench rest: 15 mins
4.  Flatten and roll into swiss roll style. Cover and 2nd bench rest: 15 mins
5.  Flatten and roll into swiss roll style and put into a Pullman's tin.
6.  Cover with a damp cloth and final proofing in a warm place till 80% full.
7.  Bake in a preheated oven at 210 deg C for 40 minutes. Done!

Note on Final proofing:
- 30 min @ room temperature (11.05 am to 11.35 am)
- 11.35 am put the whole tin in the fridge to retard fermentation as I'd to rush out.
- 4 pm came home. Took out immediately~ dough rose to about 70%.
- 4.35 pm - Rose to about 75 to 80%
- 5 pm almost to the brim.

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