Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Sourdough Honey Loaf

23 October 2016 (Sunday)

300g Bread flour
60g Pure Honey 
5g Salt
6g Milk Powder
160g Iced Cold water (our weather here is extremely hot) *
180g Levain (1:1)
12g unsalted butter

1.  Knead dough till window pane stage.**

2.  1st proofing - till double in size.
3.  Punch and divide into 3 equal size. Cover and 1st bench rest: 15 mins
4.  Flatten and roll into swiss roll style. Cover and 2nd bench rest: 15 mins
5.  Flatten and roll into swiss roll style and put into a Pullman's tin.
6.  Cover with a damp cloth and final proofing in a warm place till 90% full.
7.  Bake in a preheated oven between 180/190 deg C for ~40 minutes.

*You may need more or less water as determine by your bread flour absorption.
* Pls adjust your water temperature accordingly.

** To have softer texture loaf, it is important to knead to window pane stage. 

*** Pls add salt only after the dough has formed.

●● This is quite a sticky loaf, so pls add your water in stages.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Teochew Glutinous Rice Png kuih 潮洲饭粿

This was done in 16 April 2015.  I posted in my Facebook.  I blog here so as to keep a record.

First try. I like the colour very much, just like my Hakka菜粄。Change the way of adding tapioca flour. Hopefully it turns out good. 

Recipe is from Gina Choong/Kitchen Capers.
Recipe link:

Reproduced here with slight adjustment:

Peng Kuih

Makes 12 pcs(using bigger mould)
Makes 24 pcs(using smaller mould)
Ingredients for the dough
300g Rice Flour
100g Tapioca Flour ** 
600ml Boiling Hot water
1 tbsp shallots oil(or cooking oil)
pinch of salt
pinch/drop of pink food colouring(powder or liquid) (I use liquid rose pink 3 drops, if not wrong)

Method for the Dough
1. Add flour, oil, salt and colouring into a mixing bowl.
2. Pour boiling hot water and quickly stir to mix together. 
3. Cover the bowl with a plate. Let it stand for 20 mins (to cool it)
4. Remove and knead to form a dough. (I added about 2T shallot oil during kneading.
My Personal notes
**Tapioca flour – I took out about 15g as reserve (or more if you want) and add in a teaspoon at a time during kneading. You may not need all the reserve flour. A bit of sticky after complete kneading is ok. During shaping you can use the reserve flour as
手粉. This way you don’t have the tendency to add more tapioca flour, which will turn your kueh too chewy or hard. Just my thought.

Ingredients for the Fillings
200g White Glutinous Rice(wash, soak for 4 hours)
1 tin of Braised Peanuts 
100g dried shrimps(soak in water, drained)
2 tbsp Fish Sauce
1 tbsp Sesame oil
2 tbsp cooking oil
30 ml water
1 tbsp sugar
2 shallots(sliced thinly)
Method for the Filling
1. Use a claypot to heat up cooking oil.
2. Add shallots and fry till fragrant.
3. Add dried shrimps and stir fry till fragrant.
4. Add peanuts and rice and stir fry with rest of ingredients.
5. Turn off the heat. cover the claypot.
6. Put claypot into the MW oven and cook on HIGH for 10 mins.**
7. Remove and open the cover. fluff up the rice to let it cool completely before use.
** You can steam using wok or pot. Steam for 25 mins. After steaming, remember to fluff up the rice with a pair of chopsticks. Let it cool before using.

Method to Assemble
1. Take a portion of pink dough(about the size of a golf ball).
2. Flatten it and add 1 tbsp of cooked rice on it.
3. Roll up the sides of the dough to roughly seal the rice.
4. Put it on the mould.
5. Press and flatten it to cover all the mould.
6. Turn over, and knock on the side of the mould to release the dough.
7. Brush it with a little shallot oil, steam over rapid water for 10 mins.
8. Serve with sweet sauce or chilli sauce.