Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Homemade Glutinous Rice Lor Mai Kai 糯米鸡

This was made on 29 September 2016 as breakfast for the next day or so. It was very well-received by all. So yummy and tasty than store bought😊.

Main Ingredients (for Rice)
500g    Glutinous Rice (wash,rinse,soak a few hours)
Some  Dried shrimps + dried small scallops (wash, soak a while, drained, chop into small pieces, separately)
4 pcs   Shallots, slice
2 pcs    garlic ( smash and chop),optional

Rice seasonings: (go slow on salt)
2T       Dark cooking caramel
1.5t      Pink salt
1T        Oyster sauce
2T        Light soy sauce 
1t         Sesame oil
Dash   White Pepper
Dash    5-spiced powder
Dash    好吃 Seasoning
Drizzle Fish sauce 
2 cups  water ( using rice cup to measure)

1)  Heat up wok with some oil. Sauté the sliced shallots till fragrant. Remove/discard the shallots. Retain the oil.

2)  Using the same wok with shallot oil, saute dried shrimps and scallops till fragrant. Remove from wok. Set aside.

3)  Sauté chop garlic till fragrant. Add in glutinous rice and give it a good stir to coat with oil.

4) Add in all the rice seasonings. Stir and coat the sauce thoroughly with the rice. Add in the saute dried shrimps & scallops. Mix well with the rice.

5) Add in water. Stir well. Cook till water has been absorbed by the rice. Remove from heat.

Main Ingredients for Toppings:
2 pcs  Big chicken thigh (rub with salt, rinse with water, pat dry, chop into deired size)
6 pcs  Meaty Chinese mushrooms ( wash, soak till softened,cut into desired size)
2 pcs  chinese sausage (腊肠), optional

Marinade for chicken:
Thumb size   Ginger (wash, peel, mash and chop/mince)
2        pcs garlic (smash, chop/mince)
1t       sugar
1t       Sesame oil
1t       cooking wine
1T     Oyster sauce
1t      light soy sauce 
0.5t  Pink salt
Dash 好吃 Seasonings
Dash White Pepper
1T      Potato Starch

~ Mix chicken pieces and mushrooms pieces with all the above marinades for at least 30 minutes. (I marinaded for a few hours inthe fridge.)

Method of assembly:
1)  Place each steaming tin with chinese sausage, mushrooms slices and chicken pieces.
2) Top it with glutinous rice till the brim. Follow by a chinese soup spoon of water onto each tin.
3) Steam in a wok of boiling water on high heat for 30 minutes or till the rice is cooked.
4) Serve warm or once cooled, wrap each tin with an aluminum foil and keep them in the fridge.😊

Recipe reference and modified from here:

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