Friday, November 11, 2016

Salted Egg Yolk Abalone Mushrooms 金沙杏鲍菇

21 October 2016
One of the dish that was prepared as a week night dinner couple of weeks ago. Taste was awesome. The batter coating was real good. We had a very satisfying meal that day😍

2 pcs Cooked salted egg
200g  Abalone Mushrooms
1t chopped spring onion
1/2t chopped chilli
Some Potato starch (for sprinkling onto the abalone mushrooms)*

Batter coating: (Use the same bowl to measure)
Half bowl  - Low protein flour (I used cake flour)
2T  - Sweet Potato Flour ( 2 heaped spoon)
1 bowl - iced cold water
1t - cooking oil

1/2t Salt
1/4t Sugar
1/4t  white pepper

1)  Mashed the salted egg with a spoon.  Set aside.

2)  Prepare the batter coatings: Mix the flour and water together till well combined. Stir in the cooking oil. Set aside.

3) Wash and cut the mushrooms into desired cubes/pieces. Sprinkle some potato starch onto the the cut pieces. Dip the mushrooms into the batter coatings and deep fry till golden brown. Set aside.

4) In the same wok, reserve about a teaspoon of cooking oil and heat up the oil. Fry the mashed salted egg till foamy(using low heat). Add in the the chopped spring onion, chilli padi and the deep fried abalone mushrooms and seasonings. Combine well and dish up. Enjoy!☺

* I forgot this step! 😀

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