Friday, December 16, 2016

Claypot Braised Tofu 家常辣豆腐煲

Never get tired of eating this "Claypot Braised Tofu" 😀

This was done yesterday, 15 Dec 2016, with Chilli bean paste.😉

This version was done on 28 Nov 2016 with just homemade chilli paste.Which one do you like? Take your pick! 😉

Recipe : Claypot Braised Tofu 家常辣豆腐煲

1 pc Pressed tofu, slice half cut into equal section 板豆腐
Some minced meat 肉碎
1 pack brown mushrooms 鸿喜菇
Some garlic, minced 蒜末
Some Ginger, minced 姜末
~100g water/broth 水/高汤

~1T Homemade Chilli Sauce/Chilli Beans paste or both自制辣椒醬/辣豆瓣酱/两者都加也可以
~1t Light soy sauce 酱青
~0.5t Caster sugar 细砂糖
~1t potato starch water or more, as thickener 太白粉水

1) Pan fry the Tofu till golden brown. Dish up.

 2) In a claypot, saute Ginger n Garlic till fragrant. Add in the minced meat and fry till it has turned whitish. Add in the the chilli paste and stir fry for a while. Add in mushrooms and fry for a while. Mix in the Tofu and fry for about a minute.

 3) Blend in the rest of the sauce ingredients follow by the water/broth. Cook over medium heat for ~2 minutes till it boils. Lastly thicken with potato starch water. Enjoy! 😉

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Steamed Chicken with Spring onion 葱油淋鸡

Our simple dinner last night (6 Dec 2016). 简单美味 <葱油淋鸡>


2 pcs chicken thighs (I use boneless), cut into desired size
some ginger slices
some spring onion (The white part, cut into section, abt 2 inches long)

1/2t  salt
1T    Light soy sauce
1T    Cooking oil

~1.5-2T   cooking oil, heat up
some spring onion(the green part), red chilli (chop or shred up to you)

1)  Mix chicken pieces with above marinades for about 30 minutes.
2)  Arrange the ginger slices on a steaming tray.  Place the chicken pieces on top follow by the cut section spring onion. Steam for about 15 to 20 minutes on high heat.
3)  Once the chicken pieces  are steamed, remove the spring onions.
4) Sprinkle some spring onion and chilli on top. Drizzle the hot cooking oil over the chicken pieces. Done☺