Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Sesame & Peanut Paste 麻香花生酱

23 Jan 2017

Sesame & Peanut Paste 麻香花生酱

3T cooking oil
2T shallots, chopped (can add more, so more fragrant ☺)
1T garlic chopped
8T Crunchy Peanut Butter *
2T Toasted Sesame seeds

1t sugar
3T light soy sauce

1) Heat up cooking oil and saute shallots and garlic till aromatic. Dish up.
2) Combine all ingredients and seasonings in a bowl, mix well. Store in a clean jar.

☆Best to serve with pork shabu shabu. To serve: scoop some paste and add some soup.Give it a thorough mix and its ready for dipping. Also a good dipping sauce for 铃铃卷 (acording to my elder boy)☺

* I replaced with creamy peanut butter + some crushed roasted peanuts 😉

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