Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Orange Sweet Potatoes Xi Ban 橙薯喜粄

Orange Sweet Potatoes Xi Ban 橙薯喜粄

(Made 15 pcs, abt 50g per piece)

150g Plain Flour, sifted (50%)
150g Glutinous Rice Flour,sifted (50%)

*78g Raw Sugar (26%)
3g Instant Yeast (dissovle in some water) (1%)

*171g Orange Sweet Potatoes, steamed ,mashed and let cool (57%)
*186g Iced cold water (62%)

15g Rice bran oil (5%)

Some cut banana leaves, wash, blanch, and dry with kitchen towel
Or cupcake liners

1)Dissolve the instant yeast with some water set aside.
2) In a mixer, add in both flour, sugar, mashed sweet potatoes and (1). Add in iced cold water.  Knead until it forms a dough. Add in the oil. Continue kneading until it forms a smooth soft dough.
3) Divide into equal portion. Round it up nicely with a smooth top. Place it on the cut banana leaf. Repeat the step with the rest of the dough.
4) Lightly flattened each finished dough with your palm and let them proof at room temperature between 20 to 30 minutes or more.
5) To test if the Xi Ban is ready, observe that:
- when lightly press at the side, the dough will spring back slowly;
-  when you lift it up, it becomes lighter.
-   it has expanded
6) Steamed (all at one go) in a pre-heated wok at medium high heat for 12 minutes.
7) Off heat. Open your steamer cover 5 minutes later. (I'm using bamboo steamer in all my steamed buns. Please follow your usual method if using stainless steel steamer).

• Water:
- you may need more or less as it also depends on the flour you're using. So please add water slowly and adjust from there.

•  sweet potatoes:
- you may use more or less

• Raw sugar:
- adjust sweetness up and down as you like

Good luck 💖

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Chinese Char Xiu Steamed Buns <中式叉烧包>

Chinese Char Xiu Steamed Buns <中式叉烧包〉

Dough Skin:
[Make 14 pcs]
100% Plain flour (480g) 中筋粉心粉)
1% Low Sugar Instant Yeast (480g x 1%) [I used 5g] (低糖酵母)
7.5% Caster Sugar (480g x 7.5%)
51.6% Ice Cold water (480g x 51.6%)
5% Vegetable oil (480g x 5%)

- Mix everything together; Machine knead till very smooth.
- Perform the 三擀三折 and divide or
- Roll into elongated shape and divide dough into your required weight.
- Rounded each dough, knead each dough till smooth, flatten into disc shape and wrap in your preferred fillings.
- Set aside to prove for about 15 to 25 minutes until it has:
1) become bigger 明显变大;
2) become lighter (when you hold it up) 明显变轻;
3) when lightly press, it springs back slowly 轻轻回弹

- Steam at medium high heat for about 12 minutes (15 minutes if using raw meat)

# Proofing time is just an estimate.
# Different flour absorb water differently. You may need more or less.
# Make small batch each time as too large a dough affects the final proofing ( the first bun and the last one)

Char Xiu Fillings (Adapted from Agnes Chang/蓝赛珍老师)

2T cooking oil
3 Shallots, flatten
400g Char Xiu, diced
3T Roasted sesame seeds

Seasoning (Mix all together)
140ml Water
2T+ Light soy sauce
1T+ Oyster sauce
Dash Fish sauce
1/2T (half Tablespoon) Cooking Caramel 生嗮油
1/4t Chicken Seasoning powder
3T Sugar
1T Tapioca starch
1T Corn flour
1/2T (half Tablespoon) Plain flour

- Heat up oil, saute shallots until fragrant. Discard fried shallots and add in the mixed seasoning. Keep stirring until thick and boiling.
- Add diced char xiu, sesame seeds. Mix well, dish up and leave to cool before using.

Spicy Chilli Prawns <香辣虾〉

Finger licking good~Spicy Chilli Prawns 香辣虾

Ingredients A:
600g Medium Sized prawns

2T Cooking Oil

Ingredients B (pound/blend and set aside)
2 pcs onion, chopped
2 pcs red chillies, chopped
3 pcs chilli padi, chopped

100ml Water
1T Oyster Sauce
1T Light Soy Sauce
2t Cooking Caramel
1/4t white pepper powder
1/2T(half Tablespoon) Sugar

1) Heat up oil and saute ingredients B until fragrant.
2) Add in prawns and seasonings. Stir fry till the prawns are cooked and paste becomes dry. Dish up. Enjoy!

(Adapted and edited from Plilip Yoong老师)

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Steamed Tofu with Prawns <玉子虾仁>

Steamed Tofu with Prawns玉子虾仁

Egg Tofu - 2 pieces
Frozen de-shelled prawns
Edamame/Green Peas (optional)

1) Cut egg tofu to equal pieces. Smear some potato starch solution on the tofu before placing prawn on top. Decorate it with some edamame or green peas.
2) Preheat steamer . Steamed egg tofu prawns for about 5 minutes. (High heat)

2) ‎For the sauce:
Oyster sauce
Soy sauce/fish sauce
White Pepper powder
Water - to dilute the sauce
Sesame seeds oil or any fragrant oil

Potato starch solution - to thicken the sauce

- Mix some all the seasonings (except the potato starch solution) & cook it in a saucepan. Taste & adjust (you may add some salt & sugar sparingly).

- Finally thicken with potato starch solution before drizzling over the steamed tofu.


蛋豆腐 - 两条
冷冻去壳虾仁 -适量
毛豆/青豆 - 适量

- 豆腐切成同等厚度,摆入盘中。豆腐上方抹入些许淀粉水(以利粘合),各摆放上一只虾仁,再放入毛豆点缀。移入已预热的蒸锅,大火蒸大约五分钟。



- 酱汁煮滾,试味,(可适量加盐和糖)调整至个人口味,倒入太白粉水勾芡,淋入蒸好的豆腐既可。

Monday, February 25, 2019

Steamed Chicken with Black Fungus & Shiitake Mushrooms

Steamed Chicken with Black Fungus & Shiitake Mushrooms

24 February 2019 (Sunday)

From MH Kitchen

One kampong chicken/chicken of your choice, chopped

Some fresh black fungus, sliced
Some fresh Shiitake Mushrooms, sliced
(Shiitake Mushrooms were placed underneath the chicken pieces during steaming)

Some Ginger, sliced
Some wolberries

Light soy sauce
Yellow wine/Cooking wine (optional)
Sesame oil

*Marinade chicken at least an hour before steaming. ( I marinaded in the morning n steamed in the evening.) *Arrange marinaded chicken pieces & other ingredients on a deep steaming plate.
* Steam on high heat, 20 minutes or till cooked.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Homemade Pickled Cucumber <凉拌小黄瓜>

Homemade Pickled Cucumber <凉拌小黄瓜>


Cucumber 1 pc
Salt some
Garlic 2 pips
Chilli padi 1 or 2 pcs (or optional)
Caster Sugar
Soy sauce
White vinegar
Sesame oil
Some roasted sesame seeds for sprinkling
1) Cucumber, wash n rinse well. Chop off the top & bottom away. Cut into half , remove core n seeds, section into your preferred size, sprinkle some salt on the cucumber, massage well, let it sit for about 15 minutes. After that squeeze out all the water. Set aside.
2) Minced about 2 pips garlic, chop some chilli padi. Set aside in a bowl.
In the same bowl, add in the following: some soy sauce, white vinegar, sugar & sesame oil. Blend well. Finally add in the cucumber. Give a thorough mix. Do a taste test. Refridgerate for better taste.
Sprinkle some roasted sesame seeds before serving.

小黄瓜 一条
盐 适量
蒜头 切末
小辣椒 切末 (不喜辣者请用红辣椒代替)
调味料: 各适量(拌匀)
醬青 (light soy sauce)
炒香白芝麻 (随意)
2.蒜头和辣椒各切末, 放入碗內,加入
调味料充分拌匀,试味。随后加入已脱水的黄瓜,拌一拌, 放入冰箱冰镇过后风味更佳。吃前撒入白芝麻,完成。

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Tofu with Pork Floss & Century Eggs <凉拌皮蛋肉松豆腐>

Tofu with Pork Floss & Century Eggs 凉拌皮蛋肉松豆腐

(Recipe adapted and edited from Let's eat! By Agnes Chang/回家吃饭啰!/篮赛珍)


1 box Silken Tofu
2 pcs Century Eggs (1 pc dice, 1 pc slice into your preferred quantity)
2T Pork Floss
Some chopped/shredded spring onion
Some chopped/shredded chilli  

Seasonings Sauce (Mix well, set aside):

1T Light soy sauce
1T Oyster Sauce
1t sesame oil
1/2t sugar
1t Chicken stock powder (I just sprinkled some "Hao Chi"好吃 seasonings)
1T hot water

1) Remove tofu from box carefully & arrange on a plate.
2) Drizzle some seasonings sauce on the tofu. Place the diced eggs on top of the tofu, sliced pieces around the tofu. Sprinkle Pork floss on top of the diced eggs followed by spring onion.
3) Drizzle/pour in the mixed seasonings. Serve.


1T 生抽
1t 麻油
1t 鸡晶粉 (我只撒入“好吃”粉, 没量)
0.5t 糖

1) 将豆腐整块取出放在碟子上。
2) 淋入一些酱汁在豆腐上,再放上皮蛋丁撒上肉松, 皮蛋块随意排入豆腐周边, 撒入辣椒丁及葱丝。
3) 最后将剩下的酱汁淋在豆腐上及四周,便可享用。♥️