Monday, September 8, 2008

Green Tea Chiffon Cake

A simple cake on a very special day for someone special....

Hesitating whether to try my luck to bake a chiffon cake or try a no-bake cheese cake. Finally decided to give chiffon cake a try after discovered this site:周老師的美食教室 - yam天空部落 not long ago. There are a couple of videos and there are three videos demo specially for "Chiffon Cakes". I find it very useful for me since I'd failed a couple of times. If I did remember correctly, this was my fifth try on chiffon cake: the first try was perfect! but dry texture :( Subsequent bakes were all failure.... :(

These videos demo on chiffon cake really help me on the correct way to beating egg whites. Besides chiffon cakes, there are a few videos on bread too. By the way, you need to register before you can access all the videos.

This "Green Tea chiffon cake" was taken from Do What I like. I was really happy when I unmould the cake: no volcano valley! :) Was over the moon when the cake was cut: soft, light and moist to our delight! The birthday man took 3 slices at one go! One slice spread with kaya, and he similed and said delicious!


  1. Hi MH, congrats on another successful attempt :D I am sure you are now on to the road of creating delicious, yummy, chiffon cakes! I like the lovely green, and the nice texture of your cake... it looks moist just from the photo, wish I can pick up a slice right from my screen!

  2. Hi,HHB!
    Thanks for your kind words. :) The cake is real moist. My kids keep asking for more! :D

  3. What a stunning colour! She's a beauty!

  4. Hi, the caked crusader!
    Thanks for dropping by and your compliment! :) Hope my subsequent bakes can turn out well too!