Monday, March 30, 2009

Before March end..

I must record this before March end.... so that I remember I made this very first cake with so called "frosting" for my elder boy's birthday, his 8th birthday on 12 March. I had asked him in advance whether he wants a chocolate cake or something else. He wanted a chocolate cake. :)

I have collected a few chocolate cakes recipes in my file. However, since I have no confident in sponge cake, I opted for this "Steam Moist Chocolate Cake". Look easy and straight forward to me. Best of all, steam one! This cake recipe has been around quite sometimes ago. It received many good reviews from many blogger.

True enough, this was the best chocolate cake! It was very soft and "super super moist"! :) Everyone who tried it gave their thumbs-up! :)

I'd "frost" the cake with "chocolate fudge topping". As it was my very first time using chocolate, I didn't know whether the consistency is correct or not. I spent nearly an hour "cooking/stirring" the chocolate. Occasionally, I cheated a bit, using medium/big fire to speed up the process! :(

I tried to slice the cake into half, but with my clumsy and lousy skill, the cake became lopsided...! After that I tried to drizzle the cake with the "chocolate fudge", but the chocolate kept dripping down the cake board! Now, how to transfer the cake to another clean cake board? Any suggestion from you?

However, due to the high oil content, I'll only make this once a year or even longer. You see, originally recipe uses 250gm + 125gm butter or corn oil in a 9 inch baking pan or 2 x 9" sandwich pan!! I made a half recipe using an 8" cake pan and I chose corn oil. But still the oil content is on a high side. I felt guilty after making this cake..... :( Guess, ONCE a while is fine....

Recipe is available at Yochana's Cake Delight.


  1. Gosh that looks rich and delicious. Love the glaze too! Great job!

  2. Hi,The Caked Crusader!
    Thanks for your compliment! Still a beginner! :)

  3. Hi MH,

    A little suggestion, actually you can place the cake (w/o the cake board) on a cooling rack (line the bottom another bigger size tray), then pour the chocolate fudge over. The fudge will flow all over the cake, after which then slide the cake onto the cake board.

    Regarding the slicing of cake into half, you can poke toothpick all over the circumference of the cake, and use that as a guide when slicing the cake. Hehe that's what I did as well.

    Hope that helps!


  4. Hi Carrie!
    Thank you so much for your valuable tips! :)