Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cookie & Cream Ice cream

I first tasted this ice cream during Mother's Day celebration at my mum's place. My younger brother bought a few tubs of expensive ice cream from a local store. This small tub of "cookie & cream ice cream" was quickly snapped up within minutes!! Though very creamy and tasted heavenly, my husband and I found it way too rich to our liking. Age is catching up..... can't take food that are too rich, too sweet, too salty, too oily.....sigh!!!!

I made this specially for my two kids and husband who are Oreo and ice cream fans! This was my second attempt. During my first attempt, my husband suggested that I should add more cookie crumbs for the next round! So this time round, I added more biscuits crumbs and sprinkled more crumbs on top. I also made some adjustments by adding more Oreo fillings and reduce the amount of caster sugar.

Recipe as follows:

Ingredients A:
4 egg yolk
25g caster sugar (I use 15g)
7 pieces Oreo biscuit filling (I use 10 pieces fillings which was about 12g)

Ingredient B:
200g diary whipping cream

Ingredients C:
250g non diary whipping cream
1/2 tsp vanilla essence
Some crushed oreo biscuits (I use more biscuits, i.e. 10 pieces)

1. Beat A until well mixed and slightly pale. Bring B to boil at low heat. Remove from heat, add in A and mix well.
2. Double-boil A and B mixture until slightly thick. Remove from heat and leave to cool.
3. Whisk non diary whipping cream until stiff. Add in no. (2) mixture, vanilla essence, some crushed Oreo biscuit and stir well.
4. Pour mixture into a prepared container and sprinkle crushed Oreo biscuit on top. Freeze overnight or until set.


The ice cream was not overly rich and sweet. It suits us very well. It will be an ice cream that I can make often and give away! Bye Bye to those expensive brand! :)

Recipe adapted from: "冷冻甜品" by Kelly Tang


  1. Hi MH,
    I think your ice cream recipe is really yummy compare to mine. Sure to visit often. If you don't mind, I also follow your site.

  2. Dear god , I've been missing out all the yummy recipes from you , thanks for sharing and have a happy and healthy new year

  3. Dear MH,

    where can I get dairy and non-dairy cream? I usually see it in ice-cream recipe. I tried to look up at coldstorage supermarket, they just had uht whipping cream. When I try to get it from Phoon Huat, the sales lady told me to buy the cream which has the highest fat %. Quite confusing.

  4. HI Anonymous,

    I bought my non-diary whip cream from Phoon Huat. As for diary cream, Phoon Huat also selling. You can also buy (diary cream only) from leading supermarkets in Singapore such as Fairprice and Cold Storage. Hope this helps.

  5. Do you need ice cream maker to churn this? Tks

    1. This was done without the ice-cream machine.